Commander Coralie Onasi Alenko Shepard (noabsolutes) wrote,
Commander Coralie Onasi Alenko Shepard

Time travel

I am in Beijing! I like China. This is my third trip and I am getting better at it. My first trip I was not prepared at all and so many things were needlessly harder than they should be.

(Example: Chinese restrooms are not typically in the habit of stocking toilet paper; you are frequently expected to bring your own. You can see how knowing in advance to bring many travel packs of Kleenex would make the trip more comfortable.)

Anyway, the trip is drawing to a close. I fly out of Beijing tomorrow (Saturday) at 530 pm and after 13.5 hours of flying I will land in Dallas at 5 pm, half an hour before I take off.

How's that for a mind bender.

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