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So, my gym has this thing where when you sign up, they give you a punch card with the date on it. If you come in 8 times in the next month, you get a free shirt.

I got the shirt today (the expiration day, actually). It was fucking HARD. Between Dec 7th and today I:

-spent a week in Texas on business
-spent a week out of town visiting family
-contracted the stomach flu and spent 2 days on the couch
-got snowed in and didn't leave the apartment for an additional 2 days
-misread the hours and showed up when the gym was closed
-...twice :(

And I still got 8 visits in? Go me!

I found it really motivating though. I wanted shirt, therefore had to go in and get my card punched. Also, had to prove I wasn't one of those folks who was going to sign up and then walk away from it. I am going to have to think up another motivating force to get me to keep going in case my internal engine fails. I don't know that it will - I racked up some time in our apartment complex's minigym, and spent some time on hotel treadmills, even though they were not progress towards that goal - but just in case.
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