Commander Coralie Onasi Alenko Shepard (noabsolutes) wrote,
Commander Coralie Onasi Alenko Shepard


I haven't updated in a long time. Here's what's up:

-Dave and I signed a lease together! The place is beautiful. It's huge, it's on the third floor so we no longer have to keep the blinds drawn all the time for privacy purposes, it has TWO WHOLE BEDROOMS (you guys my place is a studio and my entire place could fit in the living area of this new place), there's a 24 hour fitness room and a pool and there are communal grills by the pool, and it's TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS A MONTH LESS THAN MY PLACE, unbelievable. Oh and he and I both have parking spots AND there are TWO visitor lots. omg.

this is my desk area, with the painting my brother did for me over my desk (i need a desk chair):

the main room (note my boyfriend is over six feet tall to give you some scale on these fuckin windows) (no he isn't peeing):

and a teeny breakfast bar:

-The place is in Connecticut and my commute just jumped from 45 minutes to 90. Each way. Less than ideal.

-But! I have hammered out a deal with the office where I will be telecommuting regularly and I will also periodically crash at my parents, which will save the wear on the car (and me).

-I also bought a sports car, so.

-Dave and I just went on vacation. His family has a house on the Cape and they were happy to hand it over to us this week. He and I were both desperate for it. i haven't had an actual, not-taking-customer calls in actual YEARS. It was incredible. It also coincided with a stunning heatwave, so we spent a lot of time on the screen porch, gasping in heat.

We had awesome food and awesome adventures - we took a ferry to Martha's Vineyard one day, I had never been - and I am just feeling, I don't know, recharged. So in love, you guys.

I'm now watching a Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezillas marathon and pretending like packing is gonna happen. Lol. Right.
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